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Welcome to the town of Kediri.

Sincerely, established on December 25, 2013 at 12:35. Founder Blog is Bambang Sunarno, with the title The spread of science and knowledge have been conducted by various nations in various cultures, through drawing symbols, icons, paintings, inscriptions including books later. The author was born in Kediri, East Java, Indonesia, which has some of the products that are the product of batik, mountain tourism Kelut, Dolo Waterfall is very beautiful and has been recognized by the world community. There is also a cave in the mountains in Klotok with that in earlier times the local community in general use for the gods offerings. This blog was set up to find out information from all over the world are already known by the public so that the community should also be able to understand the state of the world, and this information is very important for the general public and in particular to the author's own. The author created this blog to give a general sense to the people who need detailed knowledge for them to know. Writers are just ordinary people who always want to look for things that really need to know in terms of science or engineering. The author expects this blog will be useful for the general public and will be attached to the whole world. Through this blog the author invites the reader to learn and understand what is in this blog and hopefully will be useful to readers. If there are readers who wish to contact the author, please email through there in the next sheet. 
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Figure sights in Kediri, East Java, Indonesia. : 

Maria Lourdes grotto Kediri.

Waterfall Dolo in Kediri.

Klotok mountain cave in Kediri.

Kelud in Kediri.

Batik production Kediri, East Java.

All who are in this picture has been famous in the world.

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

About Taj Mahal.

Who does not know the Taj Mahal? Existing buildings in India is so much visited by overseas travelers. Taj Mahal is a symbol of love of Shah Jahan for his wife, Mumtaz.

Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal is also entered into the Seven Wonders of the World, because of the beauty and architecture. Taj Mahal was originally intended for the tomb of Mumtaz, after his death. But a lot of the story behind the Taj Mahal itself, during manufacture.

Many theories and speculation related to the Taj Mahal. Some historians even not connect the romance aspect of this building, which is the dedication of husband to wife. Here are the facts hidden behind the Taj Mahal by historians, which we quote from Boldsky:

1. Not built by Shah Jahan.

Maybe this could be a secret that do not want to hear a lot of people, especially the heir of the family of Shah Jahan. According to historians, the Taj Mahal was built by Rajput initially, but later Rajput government overthrown by Shah Jahan. But there is no official record of the government of India.

2. The Chamber of Secrets.

As with other historic buildings, the Taj Mahal has a lot of spaces. Likewise, the Shah Jahan know, and there is evidence that it is evidence of the beginning of construction of the Taj Mahal which is a temple of Lord Shiva. But it is still a mystery.

3. The Government of India to know the truth ?.

The Indian government forbids anyone to conduct research related to the Taj Mahal. And also published a book that contains the truth about the Taj Mahal to cover up the real truth. And do not allow anyone to enter into a sealed room, for fear of becoming a big problem.

4. The source of water.

There is a small stream of water from the Taj Mahal, but out of nowhere the water flow can not be explained. The source is not visible. It is the most closely guarded secrets of the Taj Mahal. Likewise, the tomb of the Muslims who ever occupied the Taj Mahal. Thank you for reading this article.
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Things that are priceless.

Do not occasionally assume that everything can be bought with money. One big statement and the statement was just told by the narrow-minded. There are so many things in this world are priceless. Some things simple and not worth the price.

The Time

Money will not be able to return the elapsed time. After the change, then the 24h time will be lost and will not be back again possible. Therefore, using every opportunity to express concern and affection to someone you really love and you love, before time passes and you regret it.


It sounds strange, but it is the truth. Money can make you feel good because you can pay for a luxury holiday, giving a laptop with a very modern facility, or modification of a racing car. But money can not bring a glimmer of happiness from the bottom of our hearts.

Happiness Children

To buy food and clothes are nice - good for a beloved child in desperate need of money. But you can not use the money to provide security, responsibility, good attitude and intelligence in your child. It is the fruit of the time and attention you devote to them and stuff - good thing you are teaching. Money does help us fulfill aspects of parenting, but time has proven that the basic needs of every child is given how much time parents, not the person.


Love can not be bought with money, admit this is true. Indeed, with the money we can get people interested, but love comes from mutual respect, caring, sharing experiences and opportunities to grow together. That is why many couples who marry for money, did not last long.


To be accepted by the neighborhood association, you do not need money. If you want to be accepted, focus your energy to make yourself valuable to the environment with friends in joy and sorrow.


We need money to cover the cost of treatment and medicines, but money can not replace lost health. That is why the saying goes better to prevent than cure should we pursue. Start exercising, quitting smoking, and many other things you should know.


Some people have success with a bribe, but this is an exception. Success only comes from hard work, determination, and a little luck. There is a small aspect of the business to success that can be obtained with money, such as training or buy equipment, but success comes from more of a business that you do yourself.


We are born with certain talents. With money, we can do is hone talents, such as music lessons. But experts say, to become experts in their fields, we need talent.

Good attitude

Many people are rich but he said rude and sarcastic. Not a simple person who he polite and show respect to others. Thus, the amount of money they had not decisive attitude or the way a person.


If money could buy peace, perhaps we no longer hear about the war. Quite the opposite is often the case, money has become a source of conflict and hostility. Thank you for reading this article. Written and posted by Bambang Sunarno.
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Graffiti is graffiti on the wall that uses color composition, line, shape, and volume to write the word, symbol, or a particular sentence. The tools used in the present usually spray paint cans. Before the spray is available, graffiti is generally made by using brush strokes paint or chalk.

Some of the finest Graffiti City in the World are :

1. Lisbon, Portugal.

Lisbon is a beautiful city located in the hilly landscape contoured. If tired to walk down the streets of the town, take the tram to the yellow that will take a traveler to the banks of the River Tagus.
Here, a lot of cool graffiti etched on the walls of the building. From small to large, all of them so the object of interest.

2. Los Angeles, USA.

Hollywood Boulevard may be the main tourist destinations in Los Angeles, USA. But if you are tired of seeing thousands of stars in the sidewalk panels, Put out into Venice Boardwalk.
The attraction is not the Venice Boardwalk is located on the sidewalk, but the walls of the building. Almost all of them filled with cool graffiti nan eccentric!

3. Moscow, Russia.

A visit to the Russian capital Moscow, do not just visit the Kremlin Fortress or the Cathedral of St. Basil alone. Walk in the city section, you will find an unusual sights.
Graffiti coolest city in the world unsparing in size, almost fills the entire wall. Not only that, the graffiti here also colorful so it seemed eccentric in the cold Russia.

4. Oslo, Norway.

Oslo became mandatory destination art lovers, including graffiti. While visiting the capital city of Norway is, search the streets of the city and discover unique graffiti-graffiti along the way.
In addition, of course, adventure tourism became the primary choice. Trekking in snowy hills, see the glacier up close is it that you can not get in tropical countries such as Indonesia.

5. Paris, France.

Been to Paris and had visited all the tourist destinations? Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, to the Arc de Triomphe? Investigate the residential streets in the City of Paris. Not only the traveler will find beautiful cafes and shops, but also graffiti colorful unique. Thank you for reading this article.
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The oldest building.

There have been many historic old buildings that must be uprooted because of the passage of time. But not the oldest building in the world. All these buildings were made with architecture that is not so detailed, but resistance has been proven for nearly 4000 years.

Oldest Buildings In The World :

Treasury of Atreus, Greece

Treasury of Atreus, Greece

Building with eating this function built in the Bronze Age, about 3200 years ago. For thousands of years, this building had become the highest and the largest ballroom in the world before the construction of the Pantheon is completed.

Pyramid of Djoser, Egypt

Pyramid of Djoser, Egypt

Was built as a tomb of Pharaoh Djoser after his death nearly 4700 years ago. This stone building is the oldest stone construction in the world.

Newgrange, Ireland

Newgrange, Ireland

Pre-historic building is one of the oldest buildings in the world from Ireland, built 5100 years ago.

Monte d'Accoddi, Italy

Monte d'Accoddi, Italy
Built around 4800-5200 years ago. The building was used as a temple or altar.

The Megalithic Temples of Malta

The Megalithic Temples of Malta

The building was formerly used as a temple for religious ceremonies, and is the oldest temple in the world. This building has been standing since around 5700 years ago. Thank you for reading this article.
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Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Wearing Korean alphabet.

When the K-Pop wave struck, Cia-Cia tribe in Bau-Bau Sulawesi may have no difficulty understanding the Korean language writing. Ethnic minorities with a population of about 80,000 souls wearing Hangeul characters. The government even officially recognize and validate the application of Hangeul (Korean Alphabet) by the Cia-Cia tribe minorities.

Elementary School Karya Baru.
Do not get me wrong, it does not mean the Cia-Cia tribe wear the Korean language. They have their own mother tongue. The problem is their native language being abandoned due to difficulties when it comes to be written with the Latin alphabet Indonesian. Hangeul was chosen, this script can be written in their native language is more accurate.

Also does not mean Hangeul alphabet has taught hereditary in Cia tribe. Indeed this new application. Hopefully, using Hangeul alphabet can restore the original language is used again.

For the sake of preserving the Cia-Cia language, Abidin, an English teacher from SMAN 6 Bau-Bau, which helped professor of Seoul National University (SNU) Lee Ho Nam keen to provide training Hangeul writing letters to teachers. At least until now has 20 elementary and secondary teachers who receive training that city Hangeul script writing.

Not only that, together with Prof. Lee Ho Young and Lee Ho Nam, Abidin compile textbooks Cia-Cia language with script writing format Hangeul. The book entitled Book Cia-Cia I was a handbook for students grades 4, 5, and 6 SD.

One of the 20 teachers who have passed the training that is La Ali, teacher SDN 2 Bugi, Bau-Bau. As the Cia-Cia, Ali was still fluent Cia-Cia tribe. In 2012, Ali was re-elected to take a short course in Korean Hangul script writing. He went along with three other teachers Bau-Bau. For two months they learn the Korean language, Hangeul alphabet, as well as the Cia-Cia language at Hankuk University, Seoul, South Korea.

Street signs with Korean letters.

Of course, Ali came to know some of the Hangeul alphabet characters are judged not according to the Cia-Cia language. For example, in the Korean language there is no script that berkonsonan "gh", whereas in the Cia-Cia language there. Therefore, Ali proposes an additional script for "gh" that looks like the number seven with a dot in the middle of the curve.

"I'm extra for" gh "and they agreed," he said. Examples of words using consonant "gh" is ghabu which means make or ghato which means arrived.

In addition, continued Ali, the Korean language was no consonant "w". Korean language sounding the "w" by combining the letters "o" and other letters. So, for example, to the sound of "wa", Hangeul characters are not composed of the letter "w" and "a", but the "o" and "a".

At Hankuk University, Ali and his friends also had the opportunity to teach in one of the junior high school in Seoul. In particular junior men, it appeared Cia-Cia language is also taught.

Hangeul alphabet increasingly widespread use after the Department of Education, Youth, and Sports Bau-Bau put it in local curriculum in elementary school recently. For students, Hangeul characters are very interesting. The students were eager to accept the lesson Cia-Cia language. In fact, not a few students who often noted social studies with Hangeul characters.

"It's easier to read and funny letters. Writing with Hangeul letters fun," said Sumiarti, 5 th grader at School 2 Bugi.

At first glance Hangeul

In the past, Koreans use Chinese characters (Hanja). Because he said the language is different then the current difficulties often arise should write literature with the Korean language.

This is the forerunner of Hangeul.

King Sejong is a leader and scientist, and pioneer culture. Through many years of hard effort, he examines the basic unit of Korean language uses its own merits on linguistic and finally managed to put it in the form of letters, Hunminjeongeum. This is the forerunner of Hangeul.

Hangeul was created by King Sejong in 1443 during the Joseon Dynasty. Funnily enough this script rejected Korean society. It was only in the late 18th century began to be accepted and become popular. As a warning for services Sejong South Korea's population now celebrate Literacy Day (Alphabet Day). Statue of King Sejong also stands in the park downtown.

Hangeul alphabet consists of 24 letters (JAMO) - 14 consonants (consonants) and 10 vowels (vocals). Compared to other nations alphabet, Hangeul is not based on a script written language or imitate others, but the uniquely Korean. Moreover, Hangeul is a writing system of a scientific nature, are based on deep linguistic knowledge and philosophical principles that make it practical, easy to learn, and handsome. Thank you for reading this article.
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Cliff Edge Restaurant.

Eating in a restaurant with amazing views can provide a comfortable atmosphere. However, what if the restaurant is on the high side of the abyss?

This hanging Fangweng restaurant located in Happy Valley in Xiling Gorge. This restaurant offers a beautiful natural landscape around it for the adventurous who dare set foot in it.

This hanging Fangweng restaurant located in Happy Valley in Xiling Gorge.
Dull brick building at the entrance of the restaurant does not reflect the actual situation. The surprise will you get after passing the entrance, and then you will find a unique place to enjoy Chinese cuisine while admiring the natural beauty of the Xiling Gorge.

Unless you are afraid of heights, the narrow concrete bridge 30 meters long that depend vertically on the side of a cliff and overlooking the Yangtze River will probably be your nightmare. Fortunately there is a metal fence that you can hold while walking to get to the actual restaurant.

This hanging Fangweng restaurant located in Happy Valley in Xiling Gorge.

The bridge leads to the dining room carved into the side of a cliff, where most of the dining table compiled in this room.

The bridge leads to the dining room carved into the side of a cliff, where most of the dining table compiled in this room. The room was warm illuminated by the traditional lamp hanging from the ceiling and also decorated with Chinese furniture.

The atmosphere in the restaurant fangweng cave itself is an interesting sight to behold, but the main attraction of the restaurant is a two-stage Fangwen concrete that extends away from the cliff where you can see all the wonders of Happy Valley or watch bungee jumping when they jumped from a bridge nearby .

Fangweng restaurant offers a wide variety of local specialties are made from freshwater fish, ducks, pigs and even turtles, well watered cooked vegetables or flavored with chili and chili powder.
Fangweng restaurant offers a wide variety of local specialties are made from freshwater fish, ducks, pigs and even turtles, well watered cooked vegetables or flavored with chili and chili powder. However, even if you are not a fan of Chinese food though, depending on the side of the cliff and enjoy the natural beauty of lingkunagn around, make this restaurant worth a visit.  Thank you for reading this article.
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